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Roy Koch


Roy Koch

Boynton Beach, FL

Hello my name is Roy Koch and I'm a 59-year-old sportsman motorcycle drag racer.I first started dragracing motorcycles in 2004. It was my daily ridden sport bike that I brought to the Strip to see how I could do. I got hooked and over the next few years I turned that same bike into a track only drag bike. I love going to the dragstrip meeting new friends and hanging out with old ones. I love the feeling I get when when "going rounds" and being one of the few left standing at the end of the day. I'm a two time SEMDRA pro ET champion in 2009 and 2011. A SuperComp event win at the manufactures Cup finals in 2013. The 2015 NHRA division 2 pro cycle champion. My race program was cut short in Pomona California while attending the 2015 NHRA finals. The truck and race trailer were stolen from the hotel parking lot, still not recovered to this day. I would use this sponsorship opportunity by champion to rebuild my drag bike program and put myself in a position to make a run for the 2018 championship.

Thank you, Roy