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Michael Kolka


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Michael Kolka

Middletown, NY

This is my story! My name is Mike "The Mayor" Kolka. I started racing in 1989 and have had the opportunity to work with many businesses, teams and drivers in auto racing. Over 300 wins and 8 track championships along with 2 series championships. I’m a third generation driver going back to the 50's and keeping the family name WINNING. We are a family team, my parents owning our equipment, my wife at my side 7 days a week and my daughters washing panels! I am currently driving a Big Block Modified in the northeast. Striving to become better each week, each year, to show the world that I belong with the top racers drives my passion each week, trying to prove the naysayers wrong! Being a threat to win at every race with our low budget team is one of the biggest triumphs and challenges every year. The nickname “the Mayor” tells a lot about me. Able to reach out to my fans; friends and even ones I don’t know. A Champion is not just about winning; they are about an entire package. With a name to go with Champion, why not select “the Mayor” as your champion!?