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Jaret Defazio

Water / Snow

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Jaret Defazio

saint john, NB

At the age of 6 years old I won my first championship in the CMRC Atlantic series. I continued to race for Honda for several years
As a rider I am a dedicated, hard working, and knowledgeable athlete. I arrive at events prepared to compete at my best. During the past three seasons as a professional rider, I have shown that I am a rider who seeks and creates opportunity, such as making the break, and capitalizing on it. This was proved through my accomplishments at River Glad mx and St John NFLD. In addition to my abilities as a rider, I am also very active in and adept at the PR of the sport and have been complimented by sponsors as well as team managers on this. This year alone I was in the media via TV, newspapers, various websites such as Atlantic, and on the cover of MXP magazine. I had an Interview on a live show as well the Todd Veinotte show.
I am asking for the opportunity to race for Champion. I want to be a part of helping Champion become the strongest Brands in the industry.