In The Garage

Gary Marchlewicz

Gary Marchlewicz

Rockford, IL

Our Expedition has been more than a vehicle to my daughter and I. It has allowed me to provide for us, taken us on memorable adventures, allowed us to be with loved ones, taken us through the storms of life and has gotten me swiftly to the Fire Station so that I could respond to help others in their greatest moments of need.

I have performed all the work on this truck to keep it going for 19 years and 195k miles. The list alone would be well over 200 words. I take great pride in keeping it running and looking good!

Against many odds, I am advancing my education so that I can be more impactful on the lives of others. To take these next steps, I need to perform a major overhaul to set myself up to get around reliably. This includes rebuilding the transmission.

If your idea of a Champion is one who takes matters into their own hands, isn’t afraid to get them dirty and is a person who uses his tools and skills to make a difference in the lives of others… a sponsorship would be appreciated and a gift that keeps on giving!