On The Track

Jason DeGrave


Jason DeGrave

Bark River, MI

A force like none-other, Jason DeGrave has spent a lifetime acquiring experience within various disciplines of motorsport racing. Jason started racing BMX at age 7 and locked down the series title in his second season of the Northern Cup Finals at age 9. At age 10, he started racing the District 16 AMA Motocross Series and won several races as well as was runner-up for the 80cc series championship points. From 1983 to 1996 Jason locked down 38 wins and three championships.

In 1997 Jason purchased his first Pro Light truck and ran third in points in a 20-truck field. Since then Jason has driven for various teams in off-road racing, asphalt circle, and SCCA road rally and has won in every vehicle he’s driven. In 2016 Jason purchased his first Pro-2 truck in which he ran 6 races in the TORC Series, placing 3rd in Bark River, MI.

Jason and his team strive to be strong role models, especially for children. They’re great ambassadors and love to give back. They look to continue with such endeavors, especially if partnered with an outstanding company like Champion Auto Parts. Together we can make a difference!

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