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Joseph Frey


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Joseph Frey

Upper Sandusky, OH

This truck once toured the country with two blower motors. The late, truly great Jon Boden was the builder and driver. Later, it was converted to a Super Modified Four Wheel Drive which was driven by his wife, Patty. I purchased the truck in 2003 keeping it local. This truck has many wins and top place finishes through all its years. I believe being a champion is achieved on the track and off. I try to be an influence to people especially the younger generation showing with a little determination and self belief you can achieve anything. I see too many kids without positive influence. I've been told "I can't" most of my life with most things I've tried...I did them anyway. I've built and painted my fiberglass body and build my own motors. I believe in thinking outside of the box and have ideas for the truck that will truly advance the sport of Pulling. Once again, I expect to be met by "you can't do that." I've overcome cancer, a heart attack and severe asthma and keep pushing on. I believe my life experiences can help influence others and I will always stand for our National Anthem.