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Timothy Craig


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Timothy Craig

Barstow, CA

TC Motorsports is going to open up our shop and bring students in to teach them valuable life lessons and skills that they can use to establish a career. TJ’s VETTS (Vocational Education and Technical Training Support) is a program that provides youth an alternative educational platform to gain mechanical experience and discover the potential of a career in the automotive industry. This will help produce motivated, hardworking kids for the community, and keep these students away from drugs and alcohol. My motorsport is off road racing, and currently one of the hardest motorsports to compete in (less than 30% finishing rate). Both of my Grandpas raced in the 1970's and have passed down the passion for this sport through the generations. The adrenaline rush I get from racing off-road is like no other, and now that I have found a passion in teaching and motivating the youth of our community, I can combine the 2. We currently wrapped up 2017 with 2 more championships. Our biggest challenge every year is funding, and time. We are a small team with not a lot of financial support. This makes getting to the races a challenge every time.