On The Track

John Jackson


John Jackson

Cynthiana, KY

My name is John Jackson and I race in the Open Wheel Modified division. In 2017 I entered 23 races across three stated, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. I am a very competitive Saturday night Racer, despite being out-monied.

Having the money to compete and travel to different states and tracks is imperative to having a successful 2018 racing season. I have big plans for 2018, planning to run several races.

This sponsorship would allow me to run a big portion of the Hell Tour Summer Nationals and possibly compete for an AMS championship as well as make it into the UMP points standings.

I would need this sponsorship in-order to archive this goal. With limited sponsorship, I would have to stick to closer local events.

With the opportunity and backing behind me I know I could make waves on a national level. This would be a great opportunity to show what I can do and to be able to step up my game and really put on a show for the fans!

Racing means so much to me and would love to prove to the world what I can do. Please support me as the next Champion!