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Jacob Bolen


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Jacob Bolen

Leland, IL

My name is Jacob and I'm 13. My parents own tree business and 2 years ago they bartered tree work for a kart. My success was immediate and my passion for racing and the desire to become a professional was released. I'm a 2x track champion and track record holder. I've placed 3rd in my 1st RIGP, setting that track record as well. I race a 4 cycle national series placing 2nd/3rd in my divisions. I plan to upgrade to 2stroke and then to cars in 2 years. With your sponsorship it would help me to advance my upcoming career and I would be happy to endorse your product on the podium at each event . A sponsorship from you now could mean a lifetime partnership in my goal of becoming a professional driver. Thank you for your product. Champions use Champion.