On The Track

Javen Ostermann


Javen Ostermann

Courtland, MN

I am 20 years old and my parents got me into go karts when I was 9. We earned many top five and top ten finishes at the national level before moving up to mini sprints. The first year we barely got to race because our new engine blew up at the first race, and then my dad got into a motorcycle accident. The next year we were able to make it to nearly every race and had a good season. I finished 6th in the points and placed 3rd at the summer nationals.

I could not have reached where I am today without the support of my parents and grandparents providing funding and my dad helping me with set up in the pits. The decision to move to 305’s meant that I would provide funding myself. That has been very difficult, as I am a full time student of Automotive Engineering. So in order to pay for the sprint car, I also work a full time job. I had to skip last season due to the car not being ready, but I will be ready to race in the 2018 season. My passion for racing tops all else.