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art gammarino

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art gammarino

springfield, PA

My 1992 ford f250 4x4 351. Custom Build on a budget. Keepin her goin but lookin good. This daily driver is sporting paint I got from the hardware store. Custom wheels too with a little extra pinstripe.I got the teak from an old boat for the bird on the back.Put a wireless winch in the box. 155000 I got a new clutch tank pan and got it cleaned up pretty good. Like to rebuild it with a new crank and a set of aluminum heads and some shorty headers. Custom diamond plate bumpers front and rear that I did. Some custom stripes I did with some teak accents through out. She does not have a plow set up no more. Next ....a white nautical style tonneau cover with snaps in the spring. Had this for a long time.We got history together. She looks good on the beach.