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Jason Welshan


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Jason Welshan

Rockford, TN

Champion by definition has different meanings- it can be a person, an action or in my case- a team effort. My name is Jason Welshan. I compete almost every weekend on dirt driving a super late model race car. But I'm just part of what goes into making a champion. I don’t believe someone gains a title of champion or wins a championship alone. There’s a lot of people behind that person along the way helping them earn that title. For me- my family and crew, my sponsors and determination are all parts that make up a champion.
I’ve been racing pretty much since I could walk- everything from big wheels and dirt bikes to go carts. RC cars to front wheel drives and crates to super late models. I was probably born with a steering wheel in my hand. I love racing and chasing those checkers!
Today’s racing world takes that kind of ‘drive’ but it also takes good sponsors to help a driver be competitive. I feel that with Champion joining my team we can step up to the next level in our sport. I will make Team Champion proud!