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Kevin Belanger

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Kevin Belanger

Washington, NH

I’m Kevin Belanger and my road to the Garage began around 2000. At that time my fiancé (now wife) thought it would be a good bonding experience if I went to the race track to help her dad and brother who had a race car. That one trip had me hooked, I wanted to win, I wanted to have the fastest car on the track. I went every week and learned all I could. Fast forward 17 years, and I now have my own race team with two different drivers. I don’t drive, I just crew the cars. I still want to win, and have the fastest cars at the track. To do that I have found it takes hard work, dedication, and passion. I have also found that championships begin in the garage, preparation Is the key to a good week. I now spend hours a week in my garage, preparing the cars, fixing damage, reviewing my notes, trying to diagnose and find ways we can be faster. I feel I would be a good representative for Champion because my team works very hard to put forth a positive professional image for all of our sponsors.