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Timothy G

Timothy G

Bassano, AB

I have just about changed everything on my bike. It's a weird build. I have changed all the body panels (the stock ones are numbered). The old parts have been bubble wrapped and put away. I would like to change the wheels. While keeping the bike the bike looking stock but a close look you know it's not (trained eye). I have had Harley Davidson dealers ask what I have to the bike.

But as send earlier, I would like to change the wheels. The stock wheels do not allow wind to pass through them, which makes it difficult to ride in the wind.

I have built a few different machines since I was ten. Lawn mowers to my SRT8. People always ask me advice and I also help people with their projects or problems.

Talking about myself in difficult. thank you for letting enter your contest. Be well.

Sincerely: Tim Gourlay