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David Jones

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David Jones

Cross plains, TN

I started working on this project about four years ago ,started out looking for dart headers first found at set in Pennsylvania . Hard part done next was too build motor I want to build a time period 70s car. Just about the time I get started I had a heart attack. March three 2015 . My heart was damage Beyond repair so I had to wear a Lvad witch is a pump inside me with batteries for 18 months on transplant list . Working on car very day not knowing if it would be my last. On July 25th 2016 Vanderbilt called an had a heart for me. So car is almost done . Everything when ok with transplant . Got car running an drove it this summer an showed it at our mopar show on September 25 this year. Car is fast an now it time for next project. 1964 Hemi Savoy. Have the car just saving up for parts lol. These old cars keep me going with some good parts like those champion plugs.