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Amanda West


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Amanda West

Colchester, CT

I was born into a family whose lives revolve around racing and at just four years old I started racing go karts at my hometrack. Ever since then, my passion for this sport has never stopped growing. I have raced at many different tracks in numerous different divisions. I have accomplished many things in my racing career from Rookie of the Year to winning five championships. I have been racing go karts all my life but my dream was to become a racecar driver. With all my hard work and dedication as I pushed myself to be the best, I was given the opportunity to live my dream as an open wheel modified driver. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and with a successful, partial season behind me and 2018 being my first full season in a racecar, I would be honored to have Champion Spark Plugs on board. I can’t wait to continue to be successful in something that I am so passionate about and although being a racecar driver is new to me, I have confidence in my ability. With the help of Champion Spark Plugs, there is nothing that I won’t be able to accomplish.