On The Track

Leighton Lillie

Water / Snow

Leighton Lillie

Lewiston, ID

My quest to be a champion began at age 5 when motorcycle racing became my passion. With a lot of hard work and family support, I progressed through the amateur ranks and achieved my dream of turning professional at the age of 18. The next 7 years, I earned a living racing all over the world and won my first professional national championship in 2005.

However, on February 7, 2009, everything changed. While practicing for an event in Tulsa, OK, I suffered a T6-T7 spinal cord injury. Not only was my racing career over, but living a normal life would become the biggest challenge I’d ever faced.

After a full year of intense rehabilitation, I was left with the reality of living the rest of my life in a wheelchair, but my passion for speed was still within reach. I returned to racing in an adapted marathon jet boat. In 2016, I won the UIM World Championship.

In 2018, I will race in the U.S. and Canada racing series. Through almost 20 years of racing, I’ve learned with hard work, determination, and a good support system nothing can stop me from being a CHAMPION.