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Madison Holloway


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Madison Holloway

Sheridan, AR

My first day at a race track I was 9 days old and supporting my dad. I have grown up in racing and was raised to pick up a wrench before lipstick. I started racing when I was 12 in a beginners class. I raced go-karts during offseason to give myself more seat time. After dominating in the beginners class my dad decided it was time to move up to something bigger and better; a modified. I have been in the modified for 2 full seasons and have gained a lot of experience. Being a girl in the sport of racing isn't easy, but I don't let it get in the way of success. Some guys embrace the challenge, some make me embrace the challenge. When I strap in that seat, nothing else matters. The fuel for my racing passion is wanting to show kids that no matter how many people doubt them and tell them they can't; they can. I want them to make their dreams a reality, like I am making mine. Being on Team Champion would help me be successful in my racing career and reach kids all over the nation!