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Denise Hodges

Water / Snow

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Denise Hodges

Emporia, KS

I am Denise Hodges. I live in Emporia, Kansas. Since 1995 I have been drag racing my Allison boat, Aquatic Therapy 101, in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri and Arizona with Southern Drag Boat Association (SDBA) and Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series (LODBRS).
While there are other ladies in the sport, in the associations I race with, I am the only lady to drive an Allison boat powered by an outboard Mercury motor.
In its 20 year history, I was the first lady to win the Smokin’ in the Cove race in Malvern, Arkansas and the first person to win the Smokin’ in the Cove race twice.
Since 2000 we have earned 12 High Point Championships and 3 runner-up Championships. Our team has also been awarded the Larry Harrell and Jack Howell awards for sportsmanship, leadership and contribution to the sport of Drag Boat Racing.
Champion Spark Plugs should sponsor the Aquatic Therapy 101 drag racing team because we have fun, run consistently, keep a positive attitude no matter what and we encourage those who come to watch drag boat racing to get their families involved in this great sport.