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chad cose


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chad cose

Fremont, CA

Motorcycle racer competing in American Flat Track (NASCAR of two wheels known for 140mph speeds on dirt ovals) At 7 I was put on a motorcycle ( PW 50 that fouled a sparkplug during my third ride, ironically my dad put a CHAMPION sparkplug in, it’s ran great ever since!) I started racing for fun, but racing motorcycles quickly became passion that turned desire to become a champion. As an amateur I won several AMA national-championships. At 17 my childhood dreams became reality by turning professional. My professional career while showing promise has been anything but glitz & glamour. Fighting injuries and fielding my own privateer team to compete against the high budget factory teams. What keeps me going is the same drive & passion i've had since 7 year’s old striving to be great. I believe I’d best suit this sponsorship because I have the heart of a champion who seeks greatness, need the money to compete against factory budgets, myself/ racing series has value for partners. Like the CHAMPION sparkplug my dad put in my PW 50 at age 7 to keep me going, if I receive this sponsorship it will keep me going to accomplish great things!