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Larry Hawkins

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Larry Hawkins

Joplin, MO

I'm 36, and we'll been in the garage or under,hoods and automobiles since 6yrs.old and still love everything about fixing them, modifying/upgrading , or completely recreating the purpose one is made to accelerate,burn it's gears doing daily. Pictured is current build in progress "my dad's new drag car we paid $250 for I drove it home parked it and disassembled completely trully bolt by bolt ,and even removed the body which was all that we were after. So as of this point it runs with a 355chevy/th400 wbrake 4500stall and 410 gears = 5.3@118 in the 1/8th@2600# of pure blood, persperation,busted knuckles and everlasting nights in the garage doing what we all love in our hearts giving our autogods recognition and life again.