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Bryan Haselhuhn

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Bryan Haselhuhn

Big Piney, WY

This is my daughters 1962 Ford Galaxie. We are fixing it up so she can start drag racing in the Jr Street class. She is 14 years old. We pulled the thunder jet 390 out and replaced it with the 460. Bored .030 over, Lunati vodoor cam, stealth intake, keith black flat top piston, 750 edelbrock. C6 transmission. We upgraded the brakes with Wilwoods. The car needs more work before I feel comfortable about letting her race it but she enjoys driving it. When we talked about getting her a car her biggest thing was she wanted an older car that had style not a new " bubble mobile" as she says. We have 2015 SHO but she likes her 62 better. She enjoys working on it enough that she's wanting to go to college to be a mechanical engineering and work for Ford. She's in 9th grade and already has plans to attend college at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and work at Ford engineering department in Dearborn. Which is only 45 minutes away from the college.