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Steve Stuart


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Steve Stuart

Ashland, WI

Over the last 16 years, the racetrack has been my second home. I have worked my way up through the ranks, moving up to my local track’s premier class. I have said goodbye to one chassis, only to eagerly usher in a newer and upgraded version. I have grown as a driver, learning from my mistakes and the advice I learned quickly to accept. While I am fortunate to have six months of racing each year, in the offseason, it’s always on my mind. While each season has shown its successes, I am continually researching to find the newest and the best that might give me an advantage. I am driven, and when I don’t win, I’m not satisfied. I am a racer, for life.
I race a Wissota modified in northern Wisconsin and the surrounding region. I have seen successes, including five track championships, and also the heartbreak of destroyed cars and blown motors, but that is not where I want my story to end. My family and I have made racing our sport, and despite the time and toll on finances it presents, racing is how we spend our summers. If the races are on, we’ll be there.