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Mozee Motorsports


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Mozee Motorsports

Milwaukee, WI

The Mozee Motorsports Formula Hybrid Race Team began in 2009 and consists entirely of full time college students majoring in primarily Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The Formula Hybrid competition is one of the Collegiate Design Competitions hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers and is the most challenging due to the complexity associated with combining two power sources. The international competition is held annually at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway and over the last four years the team has risen from 8th place overall, to 4th, to 2nd, and finally to 1st place at the 2017 competition where the MP-4 (Milwaukee Prototype-4) was the first hybrid vehicle in history to complete the endurance event. The team was also honored with the FCA Industrial Design award and the IEEE Engineering the Future award. The Mozee Motorsports team is fueled by students who sacrifice their free time to be repaid only with hands-on experience and the joy of seeing the car succeed (no members are paid or receive college credit). The team is in need of funding because they are in the process of building a new vehicle (the MP-5) to compete and defend the first place title at the 2018 competition.