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mark VanDyken

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mark VanDyken

Lynden, WA

I have always liked the looks of the baby corvette-opel gt.Being a fan of american horsepower, i had to replace the drive-train.The motor that would fit the best was the gm 60 degree v6.Against my wifes wishes i replaced the fuel injection with the highly visible 3-71 blower system. a 700r4 trans feeds a narrow mopar rear-end. My prouder moments so far are showing this to a person that was unaware of this project.A earlier car was a 55 chevy that was one of hot rodding more common cars, this defiantly is not. The challenges of this is being one of a kind, everything is one-off. the headers took me 2 days alone, the water pump pulley had to be custom made. Along with this is a higher cost. that would explain why this is in its 12th year of being worked on. thankyou for this opportunity Mark