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Jacob Harkins

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Jacob Harkins

Killeen, TX

I'm building my first mega truck out of a 1975 dodge w100 it's got a 440 bb back by a 727 auto I'm looking at doing a custom 18 in 4 link lift swapping axles to 2.5 tons and running 1600r 20 Michelin XZL. I have been a mechanic since I was a little kids helping my dad work on his car in the garage I have always like making them go faster and further.. biggest challenges for me is the space and special tools to build some of the components especially being a disabled veteran but if you have the will you will always find a way.. proudest moment for me was rebuilding the motor from the ground up on this first time I have done it completely by myself.i would love to be chosen I have alot more ideas of builds and with your help I could make these dreams come true.