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Curt Lane

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Curt Lane

Blackfoot, ID

I recently opened my own small engine repair shop in Blackfoot, ID. I work on pretty much everything from chainsaws to muscle cars. I've been mostly self trained from the beginning which pushed me to learn as much as possible even on things I had no interest in working on...EVER! My proudest moment was easily the day I opened the doors on my shop, after years of making money for other people and saving as much as possible the dream came true. It's very small but it's mine and I've been able to keep it open for 7 months now. Opening my shop was my greatest achievement so far but it's also been exetremly rough this first year doing everything myself from cleaning to wrenching, I'm there alone so it's a lot of weight to carry. I'm no motor genius and I have a long way to go in my learning curve, I could use this win to bring me and my business to the next step!