On The Track

Mac Korince


Mac Korince

Ridgeway, ON

My name is Mac Korince. In short, motorsport is something that is my passion and my obsession. Even just thinking about racing makes my palms sweat, my heartrate rise, and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Racing presents an escape for reality while being one of the most challenging sports on the planet.

I’ve been road racing for over 4 years now, mainly focused on production and touring style cars. I’ve raced actively in Skip Barber, SCCA, and Canadian Touring Car (CTCC), winning in all of them. Last year I campaigned my own car in CTCC with my dad, mom, and brother on a completely shoe string budget. It was our first year of ever prepping a car on our own, and I know we learned a lot and gained a new appreciation for racing as a whole.

I deserve the grand-prize and a place on #TeamChampion because I know that together we can win, on and off the track. Results are important, but so is the added value and exposure I can provide to Champion and their affiliates in the highly competitive and exciting world of motorsport

Thank You.