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Nevaeh Hull


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Nevaeh Hull

meridian, ID

My name is Nevaeh Hull, I'm 10 years old. I've been racing half my life. I started out in the box stock and will be moving up to a 250 soon. I love racing but its more than just racing. I've met other racers and their families and we are are now a "Race Family". I always race for the win, but learned that sometimes its just not my day. I take pride in being a clean driver. Rubbing is racing but not rough driving. I've won 4 championships and numerous top 5 finishes. Last year I ran a few out of town races, this year i'm hoping to run different tracks in different cities. my parents make this all possible , not only do they fund my racing, but they are teaching me what maintenance needs done on it. I'm very lucky to have as many supporters sitting in the stands every race cheering me on. I try to make myself, my family and fans proud and to enjoy " Race Day".