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Stefano Lucente


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Stefano Lucente

Toronto, ON

I fell in love with racing since I was crawling, always wanting to go faster, touching anything involved with racing or speed and watching the weekend grand prix on television with my father. I found the aspiration to race at five and began with go karts at eight years old. To date I have six championships, five feature race wins as well as the 2015 sportsman like driver award in seven seasons of racing. I am very proud of myself for these achievements and am going to add many more in the future. The 2018 season will be my rookie year in KZ2 and Briggs and Stratton Senior. My biggest triumphs include multiple race wins like the 206 Grand Championships. Whenever I find the limit on track, I don’t challenge it, I push straight past it. Being able to share my success with the public is what helps fuel me to more wins, not to mention the sound of a motor being warmed up on a kart stand. Just like any other racer I've had about triple the challenges over triumphs. However sometimes those challenges build up to winning a championship or in this case, a sponsorship from Champion.