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ben collins

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ben collins

bean station, TN

I am working on a 1977 rwd Chevy Suburban that is being restored by a disabled veteran. I have literally worked through every system from engine, driveline, electrical and HVAC (updated to aftermarket). I have been blessed with the ability to persevere where most of my local colleagues have given up; thus building a reputation as the go to guy for driveability, electrical, and a/c with special emphasis on promptness and putting everything where it was designed to be. (I hate sloppy repairs; which I don't consider repairs at all!)
My biggest challenge would also be my greatest accomplishment; building and starting my business full-time with only self training. I have done this type of work for 4o years with minimum outside training and that being a couple of evening "one-night" sessions on a/c and anti-lock brakes.