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Alec Evers


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Alec Evers


I have been racing asphalt go-karts since I was 8 years old. Racing has always been my passion and I would love to be part of #TeamChampion. I love the feeling of being in the seat, the speed, the excitement of a finish split by thousandths of a second, and the closeness of the racing community. We have never had the finances to hire a tuner or be on a "big team". My team consists of my dad and me. At 16 I started working to help pay for racing and save for a racing school. To help achieve my racing goals, I volunteer my time with a Mazda Road to Indy USF2000 team to further my knowledge as a driver and learn how a racing team works. Remaining competitive on the track, despite financial obstacles, is my biggest triumph. Finances only allowed me to race several times a year but I repeatedly finish on the podium and stay competitive against the bigger teams. A place on #TeamChampion would be a major step towards my racing career. I will never give up on my dream and desire to race.