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Ethan Souder

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Ethan Souder


I am currently working on a full rotisserie restoration on a 66 mustang for my wife and a dune buggy on the side. I enjoy working on cars and have taught myself to weld. I have witnessed my neighbors and church members get ripped off by dishonest repair shops. I regularly help them to fix their cars (mostly brake jobs). I don't accept compensation, I just ask that they buy the parts, and they pay me with a case of Dr. Pepper. I once removed and replaced a cylinder head in the dead of winter to drill out a broken exhaust manifold stud for a friend. Growing up my dad was in the military and could not afford to pay someone else to work on our cars. I learned from him how to do just about everything, and followed in his footsteps in joining the Air Force. One of my biggest challenges was repairing the outer wheel well housing on the mustang and fitting the quarter panels to the trunk, wheel and door openings. One of my proudest moments was rebuilding a motor for a bronco that had been hydro locked, and starting it for the first time.