In The Garage

Lisa Clayton

Lisa Clayton

wareham, MA

My friends, twin brothers Ricky and Robby Gifford and Multi Track Champ Crew Chief Wayne Nunes are GBR Motorsports of Wareham MA. They race their car in Late Model Divisions on the east coast, primarily at Seekonk Speedway in Massachusetts.

This was the fourth car the brothers had built in house and it had some teathing electrical gremlins and fuel issues. The guys spent many weekends and late nights in the garage working through them to get the car ready for the season. The work took longer than expected, causing them to miss some races, but ended up with a rocket out of the gate, due to initial set up

To everyone's excitement the car finished in the top 5 its first race out. The car, driven by Pro Stock Champion Tom Scully Jr., continued to thrill the crowds, ending the season with a total of 3 second place finishes.

When the guys talk about their proudest moments, Ricky say’s, “oh we had so many, but the most fun was seeing our car #5 on, now that was amazing!”

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