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Jake Wishnoff

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Jake Wishnoff

Chicago, IL

I'm Jake. A 3rd generation diesel mechinac. The the youngest shop foreman at Brink’s inc. (armored trucks). I'm currently trying to build my 2015 mustang GT track pack. This is my 3rd mustang and I absoulty love it! The sound of air impacts and the smell of fresh oil and diesel gives me a high like no other. It drives me to be the best mechinac I can be! My biggest challenge is when I built my first mustang at the age of 14. (Video is still on YouTube lol). It was a 1985 mustang gt with T-tops. I had the car built before I had a license. I hope I can be considered for this because i live and breath cars and trucks. It's my passion and lively hood. I get emotional over my repairs and pride in fixing or diagnosing. Thanks for you time, Jake.