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Caleb Faulkner


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Caleb Faulkner

Columbus, IN

My racing story began when I was the age of 7. My grandparents bought me a go-kart, and I started racing. I raced go-karts for 7 years where I accumulated multiple heat and feature wins and two championships; my first in my second year of racing at the Columbus Fairgrounds and my second two years later at Ben Hur Speedway in Crawfordsville, IN. In 2010 I started racing three-quarter midgets which I still race today. I have won multiple sportsmanship awards and two feature wins. I currently am sponsored by Purdue Polytechnic in Columbus, IN and a few other local companies. My passion is fueled by my family, getting to spend multiple nights with my dad and papaw working on the car and racing is what I enjoy the most. My biggest triumph would be the sportsmanship awards because these awards came from my peers showing that I have earned their respect as a driver. My biggest challenge I have faced in racing was the transition from go-karts to three-quarter midgets, not having the suspension and the speed in the go-karts made it a challenge to get the feeling for the three-quarter midget.