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Adam Teves


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Adam Teves

Concord, CA

I started racing at the age of ten and instantly knew this is what I wanted to do. With no big money backing me, my dad and I went out racing micros as I finished a respectable 6th in points for my first full season. I have advanced into the dwarf cars at 13 years old and quickly became a top five finisher and later a main event winner. After a great four years I had the opportunity to race a sprint car filling my dreams. After minimal starts I had got up to speed but have not been able to prove myself as I had engine failures. After having a tough season in the sprint i jumped back into a dwarf car winning my first and second time back in after a two year hiatus. Later into the season, I won 2 more races beating stout competition. Racing has been an outlet my whole life where I can be free, and make friends who want judge me. It is the greatest thing to be apart of; the racing family accepts you no matter who you are, in the end we all just like to go fast in circles.