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Angel Hardaway


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Angel Hardaway

cottontown, TN

Hello, I'm Angel Mae Hardaway from Tennessee. I am 18 years old, currently the youngest female running super pro at my local track I grew up around Drag racing and at a young age fell in love with the fast paced sport. Watching my father race was the highlight of my childhood. When my 16th birthday rolled around i knew i wanted to drive my dads 78'camaro, and i made my first pass and was hooked. Running my first season in 2016 was all about learning how and what. Win lights were a struggle but my passion for this sport kept me going in 2017. Going into the next season I am determined to win those checks and take some names.I want to not only make a name for me and my family but for young girls like me. I want to show that no matter where you are from you can be a champion with hard work. I was currently at PRI in Indy, and picked up a Search For Champion flyer, and thought well maybe this is the way i can change the image of young female drivers and expand my racing career.