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kyle hardy


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kyle hardy


I was just 3 years old, helping my dad in the garage working on his racecar.. I got older I was working on bodies and cleaning up after a Saturday night race.. I was 15 I got an opportunity to make laps in a limited car and then I jumped into my dad's car and I took over my dad's seat.. My first year in super late model I was rookie of the year at 2 different tracks. The second year I won my first late model race at Potomac speedway. Racing with my family we could race locally an with some help of sponsors we could travel some.I have won 20 super races in 8 years of my career.. I won winchester 200 which was huge. I won another prestigious race at Hagerstown, Roaring knob, Dog hollow.. I love racing and my passion is far beyond most. I want to be sponsored by champion because I want to be at the level like Lucas oil. I will represent an be proud to have champion support me. My goal is to win and be at the top while I'm still young and show what I can do..