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Kyle VanDrunen


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Kyle VanDrunen

Grand Rapids, MI

I am a second generation driver My grandpa used to drag race and circle track race back in the early to late 80s. He has helped me through go-kart then into 4 cylinders. Every night during the summer we are at the garage trying to figure out how to go faster and always trying to improve and get the car better. Some of our triumphs are winning the go-kart championship in 2000, rookie of the year at berlin raceway in 2011, won my first heat and feature second night out in 2011. I"ve always loved racing my grandpa got me into it and we've always done it mostly out of our own pocket and we've still been competing with the top cars. I believe a champion isn't the trophy's and awards but someone who's always striving to improve no matter the success or accomplishments.