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Donnie Beard

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Donnie Beard

Columbia , KY

My story begins with myself as a racer returning to the track ... I live a breathe diet racing an I’ve missed it every since I had to sell out due to divorce over gen years ago .. In 2015 I bought a chassis an saved money to build my open wheel modified.. In 2017 I had planned on racing the last part of the season to shack out the car an myself for a up coming 2018 ... every time I turned around I had bad luck ,, bought a motor the ended my 2017 return cause it was bad an I was lied to .... I had a few small sponsors an many ppl excited for my return but no luck ... With your help an if I won this I feel I could do great things an be a great racer for champion... I’m a huge ppl person an I always make trips to speak with kids at the track ... lots more to me but I’ll cut this short an pray I make your cut .. have a great day an god bless .