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Kyle Whitesel


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Kyle Whitesel

Union City, IN

We are a family owned team with 20 plus years experience of Pulling and Racing. We run in the NTPA Region 2, HSTPA, and the OSTPA series. We own two trucks named the Cornstalk Express 1 & 2 that are both ran by 4 different generations of drivers (grandfather, father, and 2 boys). So what will we do if we get this sponsorship? We will put it towards getting the trucks ready to keep competing with the best in the game like we do every night. We all got into Pulling and Racing from our fathers that has been instilled in us as we grew into men. As you may know there is always bumps in the road and challenges arise over those bumps but with a family owned team everyone has a job to fulfill and to do each night. We might get knocked down every once in a great while but we look past those days and we come together to have fun with the people that are close to our heart. The passion of Pulling brings everyone together it's a time to come and have fun and compete with some of the best.