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Kellie Long-Wiedmaier

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Kellie Long-Wiedmaier

Topeka, KS

My husband is the CHAMPION! He builds & maintains our rear-engine dragster. Not only does he love it & is amazing at it, it what makes it affordable for us. He works very hard as a crane operator so we can play hard at the race track. He was the Super Series track champion in 2012 and was #7 in Division 5 in 2015 in Super Comp. We got a married this past June (after being together for 16 yrs) and I want to surprise him by helping him provide the best products for our race car which includes CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS. We use 687/C59. I am always right there with him at the track and I love it just as much as he does. Please consider us for sponsorship-Bruce deserves it! Thank you so much!