In The Garage

Israel Nava

Israel Nava

Chicago, IL

Building my drift car for the 2nd time.
I started the fist build in 2010 finished the car in 2013. When to Pro-AM and wrecked it my 2015 season.
2015 winter took it completely apart and have been rebuild since. From a 4 cilinder to a monster V8 6.0 lsx with a big T88 Greddy turbo.
Looking to finish to compete 2018.

I feel love being in my garage working on on my car . If I could be here every day I would, lol. But also have a job.
And coming home to this build just keeps me out of stressful work mentality.

I think I would be the ideal candidate for Champion because I can definitely rock the Logo on events and competitions.

Thank you guy for you're time.