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Trent Young


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Trent Young

Crofton , KY

I’m 32 from Crofton, Kentucky. I am married and have 2 kids. Racing is a family deal for me, they go every where with me and in the shop. I teamed up with David Mitchell 2 seasons ago and we have really been traveling to make it at the national level. I would be a great fit for Champion because I put the time In the shop, very determined, have the fuel and desire to constantly get better, tough competition attracts me more than a regular show, I take pride in being a hard, clean, respectable racer, and most importantly I am having fun living the dream! I have a list of accomplishments and I know with Champion aboard the list will only grow longer! I have finished 3rd and 5th in UMP national points, 2 time American modified series champion, 2 time South region champion, Deep South Champion, 150 career feature wins, and have won at the most prestigious race tracks like Eldora and Volusia. 2018 will be my first full year in the Pierce House car ride in the new Pierce Platinum Modified.