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Jim Letzring

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Jim Letzring

Bismarck , ND

It is a 79 Bronco with a 400/NP435/203-205 doubler tcase/D60&14bolt running on 42" Pitbull Rocker tires. I like fixing things and building this bronco because it helps me reduce stress. The biggest drive to get the bronco done is that I am building it myself. Another thing that pushes me to get it done is it will be very different fron any other fullsize Bronco once its done. The biggest challenge of the build is that 2yrs ago because of employment I had to move 7hrs away from the shop where the bronco is. Another challenge that I have is the I am disabled after a motorcycle accident which makes getting around at times a bit hard but i push through to get this done because I want to use it to take other disabled Veterans out wheeling.
Proudest moment would be my daughter graduating from diesel technology school.