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Trent Brownfield


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Trent Brownfield

Barnesville, OH

“Spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better”. My name is Trent Brownfield and I own Creepin Motorsports and we campaign 2 four wheel drive trucks out of my shop in Barnesville Ohio. This started 5 years ago when I decided to buy a truck and build a 4x4 truck to pull in the street class . From there you could say I was “hooked”. I still pull that truck today after hours of fabrication and custom parts. That truck is now a prostock 4wd truck. Creepin Motorsports and myself were lucky enough to make a long time dream of mine a reality by adding a modified 4x4 truck this season. This truck allowed us to pull at a higher level of competition along with opening the doors for more travel and larger venues to participate at. I was lucky enough to compete this year at the National tractor pulling championships in Bowling Green Ohio. I work very hard to make this dream a reality and want to thank everyone who helps lend a hand to make this happen and also want to thank the great sponsors that Creepin Motorsports proudly represents on and off the track.