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Dirk Stratton


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Dirk Stratton

Beloit, OH

I am Dirk Stratton and racing has been a part of my entire life starting with my father who won the NHRA Competition Eliminator world championship in 2001. My family is a huge part of the Stratton Racing team and we have been competing in Formula Drift Pro 2 for the last two years with a C6 Corvette. In 2018 we will be competing in Formula Drift Pro with the American Dream car! We are a professional team bringing a new exciting car to a very exciting motorsport that markets to a millennial generation. It is very challenging to build and compete in a car that is not typically used for this type of racing and we have proved the Corvette capabilities in Formula Drift Pro 2 earning Rookie of the Year award in 2016 and the Top Qualifier Award and Fan Favorite award in 2017 also earning a Pro license for 2018. We strive for success in 2018 while providing a great source of advertisement and display for our partners! Please support us and follow along to see us compete in Formula Drift Pro 2018!