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David Persons

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David Persons


My ride is a 1985 Mustang SVO that I have been wrenching on for 31 years. It has been my passion and test bed for improving my mechanical skills. I am proud to say that I have tuned, fabricated and designed all the modifications in my garage. One of the proudest moments was placing in a local Ford show, but this is no garage queen but a daily driver and autocross competitor. Just a few mods:
Gutted and ported intake manifold
Thunderbird super coupe throttle body 60mm
Ported exhaust manifold
Holset HX35w turbo
3” downpipe into 3.5” exhaust
Isuzu NPR intercooler
60# injectors
Megasquirt engine management
3 stage boost control
adjustable cam sprocket
MGW short throw shifter
aluminum driveshaft
rear mount battery kit
6G 130 amp alternator conversion
full length subframe connectors
Reinforced torque boxes
G-load brace
Strut tower brace
caster camber plates
EBC yellowstuff pads front, greenstuff rear
Maximum Motorsport lower control arms
Maximum Motorsport Pan hard bar kit
Poor man’s three link
Turbo Coupe 8.8 rear axle, 3:55 gears, carbon fiber posi clutch pack, cap studs, T/A girdle
Ford motorsport “B” springs
Tokico D-spec shocks
Ford motorsport “B” springs
Koni red special D struts
bumpsteer kit