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Nicholas Hopkinson

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Nicholas Hopkinson

Pilot butte , SK

Well I started racing 6 years ago doing demolition derbys. First year was ruff. Got hurt in a races but that didn't stop my drive. I was racing for the fans and to put on a show. 2016 I got my dream of running circle track at kings park speedway in Regina Saskatchewan. I was a fill in driver and builder for a friend who ran mini stock. In 2017 I got my first truck. 1983 Chevy halfton. I am the underdog for our class with less time behind the wheel then the other guys. But that didn't stop me I was out to show I didn't stop. Finished 3rd overall this season and won my first 12 races. I build to show my point and I help others to get them going and get them started... I've built this team to show that racing for yourself or the fans can go along way..